The Green Boat: Let's Pull Together

Every engineer has a wish list of what he or she would like to see from automation suppliers.

When Automation World recently asked Jeff Smith, senior controls engineer at Detroit-based automotive components maker AAM (American Axle & Manufacturing Inc), what tops his list for 2011, he was quick to respond.

"Right now, I need intelligent devices that can tell me their energy consumption, and that I can put to sleep and wake up on demand," Smith said. "And I need a common solution, so that I can put systems on my floor that allow me to save energy, to help us become more 'green.' "

Smith noted that he sees activity in this area from a number of vendors and networking trade groups. But he stressed the need for compatibility. "One of the things they need to do is put aside the 'Mine is better than yours' thing and come up with a solution that works across the board that everybody can adopt. We're all in this green boat together," Smith declared. "So let's just try to get it done."  Automation suppliers, take note.

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