HMI/SCADA Software Adds Features

Version 7.0 of the vendor's Web Studio HMI/ SCADA software incorporates multiple additions to overall functionality.

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These include improvements to the Rapid Application Configuration Environment (RACE), an interface that was specifically designed to create an easy-to-use SCADA application development environment. Graphic enhancements include new customizable color palettes, color and pattern-fill options for trends, and support for dynamic rotation of bitmap images to create lifelike animated displays. On the SCADA security side, Web Studio v7.0 supports Microsoft Active Directory using standard LDAP protocol, and offers Security synchronization between multiple IWS workstations. Intellectual property protection has been added so that machine builders and integrators can protect their corporate custom functionality. Web Studio v7.0 supports OPC UA and OPC Xi, in addition to bundling in nearly 250 drivers that communicate with PLCs and controllers from major manufacturers.

InduSoft Inc.

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