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Sytech Systems Smartz™ Displays help plant floor personnel visually identify production interruptions quickly in large and congested factory areas to minimize downtime.

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They enable the display of comprehensive plant floor production diagrams, show problem locations within those diagrams, and describe the problem in detail. The intuitive graphical representations these displays provide reduce the time required to identify production problems in complex manufacturing and processing facilities.

Between faults, Smartz Displays can be configured to show production metrics such as volume, productivity, rejects/scrap and more. Since these displays are video-based, they are an ideal way to communicate various character-based languages including Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Displays can also be connected with cameras to monitor and record various processes.

Smartz Displays feature a comprehensive setup tool to let users upload production diagrams and layouts; choose and configure alarm points; connect to production controls, sensors, cameras, the Internet, plant computer systems and more. Its Microsoft® Excel™-based interface features drag and drop operation to make configuration fast and easy.

They are available from 40" to 70" diagonal in size, and feature NEMA 12 enclosures to withstand factory floor environments. Smartz Displays can be operated with a standard PC and can connect to a variety of PCs, PLCs and OPC-based controls and devices.

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