DIN-rail Fan Hits Hot Spots

Billed as the first DIN-rail-mounted fan for thermal management issues in enclosures or cabinets, the SpotCool DIN rail mount fan is designed to provide an energy-efficient alternative to design-in cooling solutions.

Aw 1250 1011 Orion
Designed for quick, simple mounting on a DIN rail with a 4-screw, 5-step installation, the SpotCool fan provides directed airflow of up to 120CFM in any area that facility air conditioning cannot reach, with minimal noise and power consumption. Designated the OD1232-SPOT/DIN, the SpotCool features a standard thermistor control function that modulates airflow according to the ambient temperature changes within the enclosure. The 12VDC fan measures 4.7x1.25-in. Operating temperature ranges from -20ºC to +80ºC, and life expectancy is 60,000 hours.

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