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Historian Handles Small to Large Systems without Compromising Data Integrity

Aw 1293 Canary

Canary Enterprise Historian version 9 provides scalability without requiring special computing software and works for applications ranging from 100 tags to over one million. Accommodating simple, small systems to complex, large systems, the historian software and tools provide an ideal solution for collecting, storing, managing and validating data from any source in the communication sector that meets the OPC DA (Data Access) specification.

Enterprise Historian is an OPC UA (Unified Architecture), and OPC-HDA (Historical Data Access) compliant server, and users can access data via any other OPC-UA or OPC-HDA compliant programs. Canary Enterprise Historian version 9 can log more than 3.6 million updates per second, with sub-second updates, easily accommodating high-speed applications. The OPC-UA interface provides enhanced security using software certificates with data signing and encryption supporting contemporary IT standards.

Features include:
• Client scalability: Supports large numbers of clients through multi-threaded application structure
• Tag scalability: Offers one hundred to more than one million tags to accommodate the broadest range of applications
• Organization: Allows logical grouping with flexible configuration
• Speed: Provides sub-second updates; logs more than 3.6 million updates per second
• Performance reliability: Provides built-in performance monitoring
• No data loss: Reduces the impact of storage space via intelligent engineering techniques—without lost data by compression

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