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Track the Performance of Your OPC Server Computer

Aw 1294 Cogent

What’s really happening on the machine running your OPC server? Is the CPU bogging down? Memory getting too low? Has a critical process stopped? With the OPC DataHub’s System Monitor you can track your system performance and send the results to an OPC client, spreadsheet, database, or web page. The System Monitor uses the standard Windows performance facility to monitor all system parameters, and allows the user to choose which system parameters to monitor. All parameters values are maintained and updated in the DataHub as point data values, just like points from any other data source.

The System Monitor has full access to all of the OPC DataHub’s features. With DataHub tunneling you can collect system data from any number of computers on the network. With the help of a DataHub script you can monitor important programs in your system, and automatically restart them if they terminate unexpectedly. Or, with the DataHub’s email feature, you can send out alerts about changes in your system by email or SMS message.

More information and a free demo of the OPC DataHub can be found by visiting

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