Water Industry Telemetry Standards Support Added to OPC Servers

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The KEPServerEX OPC Servers now support the Water Industry Telemetry Standard (WITS). The company has added WITS support to its robust set of DNP3 Ethernet and Serial communication drivers as an additional feature set. The WITS-DNP3 drivers will provide added security through authentication, additional data sets, specific to the water industry, plus the ability to manage distributed device assets and their attributes.

Increased environmental concerns, legislation, and higher business demands are putting pressure on the Water Industry to update many of their outdated, bespoke control systems and move forward towards an IP-based, open-platform. The open-standard strategy will bring increased flexibility, compatibility and expandability, thus reducing operating costs and improving the bottom line. Much like the OPC standard, WITS looks to standardize device communications across the water industry.

KEPServerEX is a widely used communication solution for automation and delivers a powerful set of DNP3 communication drivers, upon which WITS is built.

For more information, visit http://www.kepware.com/Spec_Sheets/opc_UA.asp

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