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UL Functional Safety 3-Year Certificate

Aw 1422 Certificate

UL's Functional Safety Certificate program covers products that are evaluated for functional safety only, without UL Listing.  The 3-Year Functional Safety Certificate means that UL has evaluated a sample of the product and determined that it complies with the safety requirements of a published functional safety standard.  Functional safety is that part of overall safety which depends on the correct functioning of safety related control systems and software.  A functional safety investigation involves the evaluation of a safety critical circuit for its efficacy and reliability covering safety aspects related to software, hardware, environmental stress factors (such as EMC) and safety lifecycle management processes.

“These certificates can be valuable in supporting declarations of conformity to European Directives,” says Kevin Connelly, business development manager at Underwriters Laboratories.

For manufacturers wanting to sell in Europe, their products need to fulfill the relevant European Directives (low voltage, EMC, machinery, etc.) to show the CE mark. The functional safety certificate is a key element in demonstrating compliance with European law based on the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity.

Products that receive a UL functional safety certificate only are ineligible to use any UL mark in their advertising or promotions.  However, manufacturers may reference that the “product has a UL functional safety certificate” in advertising and promotions.  When displaying the UL functional safety certificate or forwarding copies of the UL functional safety certificate to 3rd parties, the manufacturer must forward the certificate in its entirety without excluding any sections or making modifications.  

For more information on UL’s functional safety certificate program, please click here or contact: Kevin Connelly, 631-546-2691, or

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