Introduction to IEC 61800-5-2

Adjustable Speed Power Drive Systems— Part 5-2: Safety Requirements— Functional

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Aw 1423 Training

This workshop is ideal for product design, safety, or management personnel involved in the development of electronic or programmable systems that may have safety implications, and for a company’s product engineering processes as they relate to safety requirements and standards.

Prerequisites for the course are:

Workshop Topics Include:
    •    Control Systems Engineering
    •    Microprocessors
    •    Systems Engineering
    •    Communications Systems Engineering
    •    Software Engineering
    •    Reliability Engineering
    •    SIL and PL calculations

Objectives of the workshop include:
•    Explain why safety functions are integrated in electrical motor drives, including a global perspective on regulations and laws.
    •    Discuss the principles of implementing safety functions in a motor drive – under what circumstances can a motor drive be considered to be fail-safe.
    •    Describe functional safety from  a sub-system aspect
    •    Discuss  the need for functional safety management for a subsystem; differences between IEC 61508 and IEC 61800-5-2
    •    Have a clear grasp of typical safety functions and their applications in machinery, elevators/lifts, processes
    •    Determine design requirements:  where IEC 61800-5-2 refers to IEC 61508, where it differs (i.e. is more concise, more explicit) from IEC 61508
    •    Explain requirements related to usage instructions; in particular, related to commissioning from “non-safe” platforms  

Workshops may be attended publicly at UL facilities or, if your organization plans on sending five or more individuals to a workshop, it may be cost effective to have UL present the course as a private workshop at your facility. 

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