Industrial Security Made Easy

The Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino product line combines a rugged security appliance with a collection of software modules designed to provide industrial network security that is simple to implement and does not require plant shutdowns.

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The Eagle 20 Tofino Security Appliance is used to implement zones of security for equipment with common safety requirements and can be installed in a live network with no special training, no pre-configuration and no changes to the network (Plug-n-Protect). Loadable Security Modules (LSMs) are software applications that customize the features on each security appliance on the network. Modules include Firewall, Secure Asset Management, Modbus TCP Enforcer, VPN and Event Logger. The Central Management Platform (CMP) is an easy-to-use software application that centrally coordinates Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino Security Appliances and their LSMs. The line is based on technology from Byres Security Inc.

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