12- and 17-position M12 connectors for field devices

To meet the needs of increasingly smaller machines and devices, Phoenix Contact introduces field-wired M12 connectors in 12 and 17 positions.

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The high-density M12 connectors can be used in applications where previously only M23 and larger connectors could be used.

The sensor/actuator connectors use Piercecon® connection technology for easy field installation. With Piercecon, technicians can make signal connections in three steps - strip the cable jacket, insert the wires and screw the housing tight. No soldering or wire preparation is necessary.

The connectors are designed for I/O connections in applications such as image processing systems, decoders, encoders, pressure sensors, measurement devices and master cables for sensor boxes.

The M12 connectors feature color-coded terminals and are available in both male and female versions. They meet IP65/67 requirements and fit wire range #28-26 AWG.

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