Reduce Straight-run Flowmeter Requirements

The Model VIP flat panel flow conditioner, is designed to maximize flowmeter performance with minimal pressure drop in a simple-to-install, lightweight thin panel.

The VIP blends the proven performance and superior low pressure drop of tab-type flow conditioning technology with the low cost and ease-of-installation of an insertion-panel type flow conditioner, says the vendor. A VIP installed just 3 pipe diameters downstream from a flow disturbance and with the flowmeter installed at just 3 pipe diameters downstream of the VIP is said to neutralize the flow disturbance and produce symmetrical and swirl-free repeatable flow profile to the flow sensor for accurate and repeatable flow measurement. The VIP is easily installed between flanges or can be welded in place. The standard Model VIP Flow Conditioner is manufactured of 316L stainless steel in sizes for installation in pipes from 2- to 40-inch diameters.

Vortab Co.

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