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New OPC UA Drivers Replace DCOM to Provide Secure Tunneling

Aw 1799 Kepware

The KEPServerEX Drivers now incorporate OPC UA based Tunneling technology to replace Distributed Component Object Model technology in distributed network communications. KEPServerEX delivers the ability to add secure communications based on RSA encryption and X509 user authentication.

The KEPServerEX has an additional free client interface, OPC UA, as well as OPC DA, OPC AE and other native interfaces, and an OPC UA client driver, able to aggregate information for one or many remote OPC UA Servers. High performance is achieved through a compressed binary communications and a change-based architecture, updating only the points that have new data to send. The OPC UA Client Driver is available for $995 and is included in the Kepware “Manufacturing Suite” bundle of over 100 protocols.

KEPServerEX is also a Gateway product, able to translate between OPC DA standards and OPC UA. An OPC DA Client Driver enables KEPServerEX to wrap third party OPC Servers and enable them for secure remote communications via an OPC UA tunnel. The remote client can then aggregate data from several sites and serve its data up as OPC DA, OPC UA or one of the many Native Interfaces KEPServerEX supports.

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