High Flow Rate Coriolis Meter

Billed as the highest flow rate Coriolis meter available, the latest Micro Motion Elite Coriolis meter covers 10-in. to 12-in. (DN 250-300) line sizes and can handle flow rates over 3,200 tons/hour.

Aw 1822 1005 Emrson
The meter adds to the existing 1/10-in  to 8-in. (DN2-DN200) Elite line size range. It is well-suited for pipelines, ship/rail loading and unloading, crude oil custody transfer, mud logging, marine, LNG, gas metering, and refinery blending. It has no moving parts to break or wear, delivers ±0.10% mass and volume flow liquid accuracy, ±0.0005g/cc density accuracy and ±0.35% gas flow accuracy.

Emerson Process Management

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