AC Drives

Aw 1889 Acdrives
PowerFlex® Low Voltage AC Drives include PowerFlex 40P, 70, 700H, 700S, and 750 Series AC drives. They are available with optional safe torque-off (DriveGuard) functionality offering safe-off control. Safe torque-off is ideal for safety-related applications requiring removal of rotational power to the motor without shutting down the drive. The functionality of safe torque-off offers the benefit of quick start-up after a demand on the safety system, helps reduce wear from repetitive start-up, and provides safety ratings up to and including: PLe/SIL 3 and CAT 3.

In applications where the speed of an application needs to be controlled and monitored, the safe-speed monitor option for the PowerFlex 750 Series combines safe torque-off capability with integrated safety relay functionality and the safe-speed control technology in one hardware option to provide safety ratings up to and including PLe/SIL 3 and Cat 4. With the safe speed monitor option, you can safely monitor and control the speed of your application, which allows operators to perform process or maintenance work without stopping the machine.

Drives without a safety option can be configured with the MSR57P Safety Relay to achieve the same safe limited speed capability and safety ratings.

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