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FactoryTalk(R) Historian Is Scalable Across Assets

FactoryTalk Historian from Rockwell Automation provides a suite of scalable historian products that can be used to provide fast, easy and reliable data capture from a single machine all the way across a global enterprise.

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FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition (ME) provides highly granular, high-speed data capture on a solid-state chassis with no moving parts, a limited software footprint, and no danger of data loss due to network or other system interruption. It can serve as a machine-level historian on its own, or be hooked upstream to FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition (SE). Historian SE efficiently serves your plant historian needs, automatically discovering and configuring tags and speeding implementation. It uses off-the-shelf interfaces to enable visibility into production lines on demand. The upcoming release of FactoryTalk Historian Enterprise Edition (EE) will allow comparisons of processes and performance parameters among multiple plants worldwide.

Benefits include:
•    Improve processes through the ability to analyze complex process data easily;
•    Reduce variability by verifying production parameters versus targets/norms;
•    Respond to information requests from customers or regulators more easily through the maintenance of an accessible online record;
•    Decrease overhead costs by saving time in collecting data and preparing reports.

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