OPC UA Technology adds a Standard OPC Interface to Raima's Embedded Database Applications

March 5, 2010
Softing, the world leader in providing conformant OPC development tools, together with Raima, a Birdstep Technology Company that offers state-of-the-art embedded database technologies, has announced the successful integration of Softing’s OPC Unified Architecture (UA) software into an OPC UA based application that communicates directly with Raima Database Manager (RDM) Embedded C-API.

“What this shows, is how easily you can create an application based on the Unified Architecture using Softing’s innovative tools and Raima’s powerful embedded database,” said Duncan Bates, Vice President of Product Management at Raima. “Now developers of embedded devices can use both a reliable and proven database, RDM Embedded®, and in addition use a standards base interface to communicate to with the database.”

The OPC UA Toolkits are designed to assist software engineers to elegantly implement effective OPC Clients/Servers or to embed high-performance OPC UA technology directly into target devices like PLCs, DCS systems, or operator panels. "We are very excited about Raima’s successful OPC UA integration into their Raima Database Manager," said Juergen Lange, market segment manager at Softing. "As of today, over 1,650 companies rely on Softing's conformant OPC technology to develop their OPC products. Combing Raima’s powerful embedded database with Softing’s OPC UA technology will provide customers new options to easily integrate powerful data archiving in heterogeneous automation equipment.“

One of the major advantages of OPC UA is its independence from the Windows operating system. This benefit allows the deployment of OPC UA technology on Linux and other real-time operating systems like Green Hills, Integrity, and Wind Rivers VxWorks. Typically, these operating systems also support the RDM Embedded database. This novel combination of two technologies will open up new opportunities for developers to design innovative products.

Softing North America, Inc.



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