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Rugged Line of Fully Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches with New Ultra Compact Models

{mospagebreak}   Compact, and Feature Rich, the 709FX, 710FX2, 711FX3, 712FX4, 714FX6 and 7010TXoffer Advanced Management and Superior Fiber Connectivity

Aw 2071 N Tron 7010 Tx
N-TRON Corporation, a global leader in Industrial Networking,
today announced the addition of six new models to its family of fully managed Industrial
Ethernet switches. Housed in compact, hardened enclosures, the 709FX, 710FX2, 711FX3,
712FX4, 714FX6 and 7010TX were designed to provide maximum performance in harsh
industrial environments.

Product Highlights
• -40°C to 70°C Operating temperature
• Rugged DIN-Rail Enclosure
• ESD and Surge Protection Diodes on all Ports
• Redundant Power Inputs 10-49VDC
• Configurable Bi-Color Fault Status LED
• Store-and-forward Technology
• Onboard Temperature Sensor
• SD Memory Card Configuration Backup (optional)

“Our new compact products were designed to meet the rigorous requirements of wind farms,
utilities, including power substations, and other industrial process control applications where
noise immunity and support for longer distances are essential,” said N-TRON President and
CEO, Warren Nicholson. “Up to 6 fibers ports in an incredibly small form factor provides the
ability to configure fiber rings and fiber uplinks, in a compact, very cost effective solution. The
7010TX also supports gigabit fiber.”

The new Industrial Ethernet switches feature N-TRON’s comprehensive advanced management
suite including:
• N-Ring™ Technology with ~30ms Healing • EtherNet/IP™ – CIP Messaging
• N-Link™ Redundant N-Ring Coupling • DHCP Server, Option 82 relay, Option 61
• N-View™ OPC Monitoring • Local Port IP Addressing
• Web Browser Management (Can be disabled) • Configuration backup via Optional SD card
• Detailed Ring Map and Fault Location Charting • RSTP
• SNMP v1, v2, v3 • DSCP
• IGMP Auto Configuration • LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
• 802.1Q tag VLAN and Port VLAN
• 802.1p QoS and Port QoS
• 802.1d, 802.1w, 802.1D RSTP
• Port Trunking
• Port Mirroring
• CLI Interface

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