Optisonic 6300 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

March 3, 2010
Clamp-on flowmeter offers quick installation and high reliability in dangerous applications.
KROHNE, Inc., a global technology leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable and cost effective level and flow measurement products for the process industries, introduces its new OPTISONIC 6300 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter, designed for easy installation and high reliability in heavy industrial and hazardous environments.

The OPTISONIC 6300 offers performance capabilities that exceed even those of the UFM600 T model, featuring improved measurement accuracy, ATEX Approval, an extended temperature range and the ability to handle smaller line sizes. The OPTISONIC 6300 also includes numerous features to aid installation and enhance product operations. One new feature is the integrated display that is fitted in OPTISONIC 6300, which allows signal quality to be shown in real-time during the calibration of the signal transducer. This unique feature allows engineers to optimize flowmeter performance and maximize measurement accuracy.

The OPTISONIC 6300 is a non-hassle product that can be installed quickly and without special tools. The flowmeter’s clamp-on mechanism was explicitly formulated to offer the strength necessary to aid installation in industrial applications. The OPTISONIC 6300 is also fitted with a protective casing that ensures smooth and efficient operation, even in the most demanding and hazardous conditions, including everything from aggressive vapor and dust to mechanical damage and solar radiation. The casing also helps to reduce product maintenance by protecting the grease that allows the signal transducer to cling to the tube wall. With the grease ensuring the signal transducer’s staying power, OPTISONIC 6300’s performance remains effective even longer, increasing the time between maintenance periods, plus providing the added benefit of easy re-lubrication.

The Optisonic 6300 helps save both time and money, because it is specifically engineered for use in applications where it is imperative for industrial processes to remain uninterrupted and to avoid pressure loss.

Available in three sensor sizes, the OPTISONIC 6300 can cover the entire pipe diameter range from ½” to 160”. Additionally, two other sensors are available for extreme temperature applications, ranging from -5 to +200 degrees C (23 to 392 degrees F). Multiple OPTISONIC 6300 sensors may be combined with a UFC 300 electronic signal converter for greater flexibility.

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