New Bleach Plants Rely on Historian OPC Technology

March 2, 2010
A manufacturer of bleach generating systems selects the OPC Historian solution from Canary Labs to manage and access equipment warranty data remotely and support operational troubleshooting.
 Canary Labs has been selected by Electrolytic Technologies Corporation as the historian provider for a series of bleach production facilities, with the first one in central New York State. Electrolytic Technologies Corporation is a technology, engineering, design and manufacturing company specializing in onsite chlorine gas and 12.5% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) generators. This unique technology is offered to customers in the form of fully engineered systems that are factory tested and ready for installation and commissioning. The customers served by Electrolytic Technologies are typically in the water, wastewater, pulp/paper, industrial and power generation industries.

The company’s patented Klorigen™ product, with its "inherently safe design" and advanced electrochemical process technology is designed to deliver products that can solve critical environmental and safety-of-life problems at the point-of-use, with increased efficacy, while significantly reducing the costs and risks of transporting hazardous chemicals through the communities that need to be protected.

Electrolytic is the exclusive manufacturer of the Klorigen on-site high strength sodium hypochlorite (bleach) generating system. The system is controlled by a Rockwell Automation AB CompactLogix L43 programmable logic controller (PLC) and is connected to the Canary Historian via the RSLinx OPC server storing several hundred tags per second. The Canary Historian fulfilled the requirements of a global stand-alone historian with the ability to manage and access data remotely as needed. The main purpose of the Canary Historian system is to validate the equipment warranty and verify that the operators of the equipment are running within the recommended guidelines. The data collected will show how the system was operated over the months and years of use. A secondary use is to better support operational trouble shooting by Electrolytic Technologies of their equipment any where in the world from their main control center in Miami Florida.

Jim Malone, senior programmer with Electrolytic states, “I am impressed with how easy the Canary Historian was to implement. Before making the choice of which product to go with, some of the competing products were overboard on the complexity department just to accomplish simple goals. It was very nice to see the user-friendliness of the Canary products.”

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