x86-based DIN-rail PC

Combining eight isolated COM ports, a wide temperature range (-20 ~ 75° C), IP40 protection, and grounding isolation between chassis and system, the UNO-1140F is a robust and compact DIN-rail PC for micro controller and data gateway tasks in machine automation, factory automation and building automation applications. Unlike RISC-based PCs, Advantech’s x86-based SoC not only integrates general PC functions into a single chip and supports open architectures, but also provides a VGA port. The UNO-1140F is an ideal solution for industrial device-level applications.

Advantech has also released the UNO-1140, a cost-effective version of the UNO-1140F which features four standard serial COM ports, as opposed to the UNO-1140F’s eight isolated COM ports.

For more information, visit www.advantech.com

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