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Serve Cabinet Improves Cooling Efficiency

Aw 2096 Pentair

Pentair Technical Products announces Hoffman brand PROLINE®FLOTEK™ TD (Top Duct) Server Cabinets. The FLOTEK TD Server Cabinet features a top duct chimney to direct hot exhaust air from the cabinet to the plenum or drop ceiling—where it is directed back to the cooling unit. The design prevents the hot air from mixing with cool intake air, increasing cooling efficiency. Employed to house, protect and cool rack-mounted data center servers, the cabinets allow increased thermal loads inside the cabinet, while reducing energy costs. FLOTEK TD Server Cabinets can be used on raised floor or grade (concrete floor) applications.

The FLOTEK TD Server Cabinet is available in several standard size options and the top duct is adjustable to various ceiling heights, up to 114 inches, eliminating the need to order a custom cabinet. The top duct features the largest possible duct opening, allowing heat dissipation of 20 kW or more, depending on the server and cooling equipment. The pre-assembled top duct chimney ships inside the cabinet.

"From simple passive cooling solutions to more involved and integrated cabinets, Hoffman offers a continuum of products and systems designed to effectively and efficiently deliver the necessary airflow and cooling to servers in a data center," said Brian Mordick, Hoffman Senior Product Manager - Networking. "By segregating hot exhaust air from cool intake air and increasing cooling efficiency, the FLOTEK TD Server Cabinet accommodates higher heat loads without the need to add more expensive and less efficient cooling equipment, such as an additional CRAC (computer room air conditioner) unit, to a data center."

Several features of Hoffman's FLOTEK TD Server Cabinet make it particularly effective and convenient to use:
Pre-engineered cabinet designed with top duct chimney directs hot airflow back to cooling units
Adjustable top duct height up to 114 inches supports various data center ceiling requirements
Solid, fully gasketed rear door ensures that all hot exhaust air is directed straight to the top duct chimney
Front sealed 19-in. mounting rails, and top and bottom air-blocking plates prevent cold air bypass
Fully perforated front door allows for unrestricted airflow to server equipment
Angled diverter plate prevents hot air back-ups and hot spots from forming while directing hot exhaust airflow into the duct
Top duct HVAC S-connectors easily attach to HVAC ductwork for increased airflow control

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