Expanded Safety Light Curtain Portfolio

Feb. 10, 2010
The GuardShield™ Micro 400, GuardShield Safe 4 and GuardShield Safe 2+ models are the first products to become available under the Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® brand following the Rockwell Automation May 2008 acquisition of CEDES’ Safety and Automation business. These robust, miniature, and cascading products offer installation flexibility through compact housing and integrated laser alignment.

The GuardShield Micro 400 compact safety light curtain range can be installed in tight spaces, making it suitable for the semi-conductor, micro-electronic, machine builder and aerospace markets. The range has a profile cross-section of 15 x 20 mm, a protective field height from 150 mm to 1,200 mm in increments of 150 mm, and is offered in standard as well as cascadable configurations. A 22.5 mm-wide DIN-mounted safety control module and separate expansion module are also available, allowing the connection of other safety devices such as E-stops, interlock switches, and light curtains. The GuardShield Micro 400 is a Category 4, SIL 3 safety system.

Developed in collaboration with automotive manufacturers, the GuardShield Safe 4 and Safe 2+ are robust models that help increase the ease of light curtain management under difficult conditions. The standard integrated, visual laser alignment system makes it easier to align the transmitter with the receiver during installation and operation. The alignment laser activates by simply touching the target on the receiver, which in turn initiates a Class 2 laser beam. The beam instantly shows the alignment of a pair of light curtains, giving users an efficient way to determine if a light curtain has moved during operation. This feature aids in installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting.

The GuardShield Safe 4 is offered in both 14 mm and 30 mm resolutions for finger and hand detection as well as in two- and three-beam configurations for perimeter access applications. The GuardShield Safe 2+ is offered in a 30 mm resolution as well as two- and three-beam configurations for perimeter applications. All products are TÜV and UL certified and conform to relevant standards.

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