MSR57P Speed Monitoring Safety Relay

Aw 2119 Msr57
The MSR57P speed monitoring safety relay from Rockwell Automation is the first of its kind to allow personnel to safely enter hazardous areas while motion is present. The MSR57P helps improve productivity and simplifies control system operation while enhancing operator protection through guard locking.

MSR57P works with input devices such as e-stops, light curtains, switches, and interlock switches to help stop motion, put the machine into safe speed upon verification, and monitor personnel in the hazardous area during safe speed conditions.

Drive explorer or a Human Interface Module (HIM)—the same tools required to program standard drives—are used to configure and monitor the status of the MSR57P. During configuration, the user can set a variety of parameters to specific application requirements, including type of input devices, door locking and monitoring, enabling switches, and a maintenance (safe speed) mode. For instance, the MSR57P can help increase productivity by unlocking doors automatically when zero speed is detected.

The speed of the motion is monitored by the MSR57P through the use of encoders. The relay supports single or dual encoder applications and monitors the signals from pre-installed encoders, if available.

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