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New CPU Enhancements - S7-300 PROFINET CPUs now with 2xEthernet ports

Siemens has radically updated its S7-300 family of modular controllers – increasing speed, adding memory and dramatically improving functionality.

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At the same time, the controllers’ footprint has been substantially reduced and pricing kept at previous levels. The four most recent updates listed below were released in October:

-  CPU 315-2 PN/DP
-  CPU 315F-2 PN/DP
-  CPU 317-2 PN/DP
-  CPU 317F-2 PN/DP

“The performance of these CPUs has increased significantly,” according to Jim Wilmot, product manager for the SIMATIC controllers at Siemens Industry, Inc. “Compared to their predecessors, the user programs on these new CPUs execute twice as fast, offering processing times down to 25ns for bit operations, for example.  Memory increases vary by model, but are on a factor of 1.5x to 2x as much memory as the previous models.”

In addition to having up to twice the speed and memory, these new PROFINET controllers now have a built in Ethernet switch, thus allowing for 2x PROFINET ports to be built right onboard. This means increased flexibility for users, giving them the ability to develop linear network topologies without purchasing additional network hardware.  Remarkably, with the addition of this new onboard switch and port, all four of the new PROFINET CPUs mentioned above have been streamlined from the hardware point of view and are now only 40mm in width – HALF the width they used to be!

These new CPUs include new functionality as well – offering users a multitude of new PROFINET features, including enhancements to the built-in web server within each CPU. For example, the web server now features an enhanced network topology view, including a detailed module status/diagnostic feature. It also has the ability to link to web servers of other connected/configured devices.  As with all CPUs within the S7-300 family, the web server is built into each CPU, requiring NO programming whatsoever, only some quick check boxes for configuration!

“The CPUs above marked “F” are “Failsafe” controllers, specifically designed to accommodate automation systems in plants with increased safety requirements”, Wilmot says. “These models are compliant with safety requirements up to SIL 3 to IEC 61508 and up to EN 954-1 Cat. 4.”

With these new CPUs, Siemens has dramatically increased customer value without increasing the price tag. The benefit-packed CPUs are all offered at the same price as the previous models. And since all CPUs are spare-part compatible with their predecessors maintenance and repair costs are kept to a minimum.

In summary, the enhanced S7-300 PROFINET CPUs provide higher performance, more communication ports, additional functionality, smaller footprint, and spare-part compatibility with their predecessors, — and offered at the same price!

For more information on the S7-300 PROFINET CPUs, please click here.

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