Roller Pinion System Provides Accurate Linear Positioning

Nov. 19, 2009
Nexen announces their enhanced Roller Pinion System (RPS), providing high-accuracy linear positioning with zero backlash and simple installation in precision motion control applications.

The RPS features an ISO 9409 flange mount pinion and pinion preloader that facilitate system integration and provide superior pinion preload and meshing geometry results. The system has high precision surfaces and an adjuster that allows the pinion to be easily moved up or down in the rack—while maintaining proper pinion orientation to the rack. Pairing these simple integration tools with the RPS's high-efficiency design results in superior accuracy and longer life than that offered by ball screw, belt drive and linear motor systems.

The RPS surpasses traditional rack and pinion systems with a unique roller pinion/rack combination that can be easily adapted to any application. The pinion consists of bearing-supported rollers that engage a unique tooth profile. Two or more rollers connect with the rack teeth in opposition at all times, eliminating backlash. The RPS rollers approach the tooth face in a tangent path and then smoothly roll down the tooth face, greatly reducing noise levels associated with other linear motion systems, such as tooth slap or ball return noise. The low-friction design delivers more than 99% efficiency in converting rotary to linear motion, greatly reducing wear and providing longer service life at high speeds up to 11 m/sec (36.1 ft/sec). The RPS rack is available in standard segmented lengths of one meter and half meter increments and can be custom cut as required, allowing unlimited run lengths and easily accommodating diverse application requirements.

With a new line of integration solutions for ISO 9409 flanged gearheads, the innovative RPS system is now even easier to install in a broad range of linear motion applications. Flange mount pinions can be directly mounted to the gearhead, ensuring the highest degree of stiffness and accuracy, with no shaft or bushing required. Since the direct mount pinions rigidly secure close to the drive bearings, they ensure high performance. Additionally, the pre-loader system includes everything needed to properly integrate the RPS, regardless of the orientation. 

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