Rugged Off-Highway Sensors offer more Input Voltage

New 5V input voltage option broadens application range for MH model sensors.

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MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has added a new 5V input supply option to its popular Temposonics® M-Series MH off-highway sensors.  Now available with 5-, 12-, and 24V input supplies, MTS' extremely durable, non-contact off-highway sensors are able to provide precise, reliable measurements in a wide range of mobile hydraulic applications, including construction, agriculture, material handling, above ground mining, waste handling, military vehicles and other off-highway equipment.

"The new 5V MH sensor provides customers with a reliable and repeatable non-contact linear position measurement solution that fits seamlessly into applications that previously relied on potentiometers and already have 5 volts running to the location," said Brian Cox, technical marketing manager for mobile hydraulics at MTS.

The 5V MH model sensors are available in both ratio-metric and fixed-reference output styles with a .25 to 4.75V signal output.  The ratio-metric output option mimics the natural output of a potentiometer, while the fixed-reference output is referenced to a fixed voltage and does not swing with variations of the vehicle supply voltage, eliminating the subsequent measurement errors that occur as a direct result of inconsistent input voltage.

"Interestingly enough", said Cox, "we anticipated the ratio-metric version to be more popular for replacing potentiometers, but what we have found is that in many applications the potentiometers were being treated as a fixed-output sensor and any variation in the supply voltage was adding to measurement error.  With the use of our fixed-reference output, the variation due to supply fluctuation can be completely eliminated."

MTS' MH model off-highway sensors are comprised of a rugged housing with embedded electronics, a pressure-proof sensor pipe that protects the internal sensing element, and a position magnet. Featuring a 100g shock and 25g vibration resistance rating as well as 200V/m EMI protection, MH sensors are designed for cylinders two inches in diameter or larger.  The sensors provide a stroke range of two to 98 inches (50 to 2,500mm), and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +105°C.  MH model sensors can also be purchased with either individual wire or cable connection options that are compatible with typical off-highway equipment electrical connector requirements.

MTS' 5V MH model sensors are ideal for any and all off-highway applications that require a more reliable and repeatable measurement device that can withstand harsh off-highway environments, including those with high levels of shock and vibration, adverse climatic conditions, and electrical magnetic interference. Additionally, all of MTS' M-Series sensors meet ISO14982 standards for agricultural and forest machinery, as well as ISO7637-0/1/2 standards for road vehicles.

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