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New Trend Historian Scales from 100 Tags to 1 Million Tags

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Canary Labs, developer of historian software and tools, releases the Canary Trend Historian Version 8.0 that eases the tasks, for OEMs and end-users, of collecting, storing, managing and automatic validation of huge quantities of time series data. Version 8.0 features 64-bit and 32-bit versions, “no-loss” compression and OPC-HDA compliance. Gary Stern, President of Canary Labs, says, “The engineering team exceeded even our expectations with the performance and features in this release.”

Due to the high-performance of Version 8, the historian does not have to implement compression techniques or only display selected data points to show fast trend chart data. The “no-loss” compression component compacts the data to minimize the disk storage requirements and will return the exact data stream. With increased addressable virtual memory capabilities for large tag counts, the 64-bit system is about 7 to 16 percent faster than the 32-bit.  The Canary Historian Trending tools are OPC client and OPC-HDA server-based solutions, fully compliant with OPC specifications. The new OPC UA standard will be supported within the next few months, the co. says.

Canary Labs
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