Simatic WinCC V7 Simplifies Complex Data Monitoring

Keeping track of equipment operating time and comparing usage is even more difficult in this economy when shift usage is changing to meet fluctuating production demands.

Aw 2451 Scada 350

Siemens Industry Automation Division is responding with two upgrades to its software for the Simatic WinCC V7 SCADA system.

The Simatic WinCC/DowntimeMonitor now works with equipment that has varying production speeds or varying changeover schedules. The program’s shift model can now handle three different shift calendars, comparing the use of machines and plants that have various shift models. That makes it simpler to analyze production fluctuations, such as two machines that deliver varying product qualities or quantities even though they’re operating under otherwise identical conditions.

The Simatic WinCC/DataMonitor upgrade uses servers to distribute the reports previously created offline in Excel. Enhanced tools for the installation-free Webcenter provide more transparency into process values. This version lets operators set the maximally attainable production speed, such as the number of pieces per time unit, for production changeovers. The system can also adjust to alternately filling smaller and larger containers or cutting shorter and longer workpieces automatically.

The WinCC/DowntimeMonitor and WinCC/DataMonitor also provide users with Gantt diagrams for the machine status so they can quickly zoom details of any selected period of time with a single mouse click, immediately leading back to the original time space within the overall display.

Both programs are used for visualizing production processes as well as capturing, analyzing and distributing production data. The software calculates production figures, as well as displaying and evaluating them, which results in increased plant transparency and productivity.

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