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LDT Sensors Get Interface Module for ControlLogix PLC

AMCI releases the only LDT interface module for Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix PLC.

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Bringing Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) position sensor data into the 1756 ControlLogix PLC is now easy and affordable. AMCI’s 2 channel 7252 LDT/MDT interface card can directly interface to two magnetostrictive sensors with PWM, control pulse, or start/stop signals.  Features include latch inputs, onboard diagnostics, and ease of installation and programming.  Utilizing Rockwell Automation licensed technology ensures the AMCI 7252 LDT interface module is 100% compatible with the 1756 ControlLogix PLC.  

The 7252 LDT interface module is simple to install and program, and is a direct interface to popular LDT sensors including those from MTS Temposonics, Balluff, Gemco, and Turck.  System Integrators and PLC Programmers will value the module’s simplicity and flexible performance.  If required, the module can use the coordinated system time (CST) to generate an interpolated position data value for high speed applications, and latch inputs are available for capturing the position data value.  Because constant and consistent LDT positional readings are essential over an extended period of time, the 7252 interface module incorporates onboard diagnostics to monitor and report errors ensuring reliable readings.  

Customers working in markets such as Forestry and Wastewater Control will appreciate the module’s latch inputs for capturing the position data value.  For Liquid Level Sensing applications, accurate level measurement is a must to ensure that all materials are accounted for before, during, and after batches are run.  Some other applications that would benefit from the module’s simple installation and ease of use are Hydraulic Stamping Press, Plastic Injection Molding, and Slitting.  The 7252 interface module is a cost effective approach to system upgrades, as the module can interface with your existing sensor.  

AMCI offers a wide variety of sensor interface modules that provide 100% compatibility with today’s most popular PLC platforms.  Customers interested in the 7252 ControlLogix LDT interface module, or any of AMCI’s other PLC modules and network-ready solutions, are encouraged to speak with an AMCI representative to walk you through the specifying process.

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