Motor Starter Features Weld Free Design

Oct. 5, 2009
All in one unit simplifies installation.

The Sirius motor starter line is advancing along two tracks, reducing system downtime while also making project planning more straightforward. The Sirius 3RA6 Compact Starter simplifies the selection process by offering only five broad current setting ranges up to 32 Amp as well as only three supply voltage ranges. Installation is further simplified due to four different mounting options including an infeed system that allows bussing of the line side wiring and easy installation or removal of the starters.

Aimed at three-phase AC standard motors up to 32 amps / 20HP, the line from Siemens Industry, Inc. offers the combined functionality of an MSP, contactor and electronic overload overlay. As a result, the specifier avoids the challenge of trying to spec out and assemble different sub-components in order to comprise a single starter.

These features reduce engineering and assembly costs while also simplifying commissioning. In addition to the wide amperage and voltage ranges (AC/DC current, 24, 42 to 70 and 110 to 240 volts), the compact starter has an on-board selectable overload trip class of 10 or 20 as well as a manual or automatic reset making selection of the appropriate motor starter faster and easier.

The weld-free feature of the starter is driven by a patented mechanism design that ensures the ability to break a weld of the 3-phase contacts. An end of life indicator will signal if the starter was severely damaged. "This starter even has the ability to allow additional contact closures after a welding event occurs based on internal logic that evaluates the contact material. The benefit of this feature is that it allows the system to keep running, allowing time for the starter to be replaced,” says Brian Libby, SIRIUS Power Control Product Manager.

The 3RA6 is suitable for use in a variety of applications including group installations, tap conductor in group applications as well as a self-protected combination starter, Type E.

The line is designed for machinery and process automation applications including injection, packaging machinery as well as water / waste water applications. Conveyor applications can also be served by the Compact Starter, as can pumps and fans in the building sector.

For further information, visit the Compact Starter website by clicking here.

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