Siemens Extends Scalance Family with Unmanaged Switches Line

Aw 2581 Siemens 400

Siemens Energy & Automation adds the Scalance XB line of unmanaged industrial switches to the Scalance ™ X Family. With up to eight 10/100 Mbit/s ports, the cost-effective solution can be used in a line or star topology where the most important requirements are plug-and-play connection and low-cost port expansion. The unmanaged line of switches features a strong plastic housing for mounting on standard mounting rails, and a smaller foot print with IP20 degree of protection. “Because different customers have varying requirements, Siemens has provided a family of Ethernet switches products that is scalable and addresses individual switching needs including giga-bit applications,” says Raj Rajani, Siemens Ethernet Infrastructure Marketing Manager. The family of switches also feature fast-device replacement, low cost due to easy configuration with built in web-based management tools, fast commissioning and complete diagnostics via LED and PROFINET I/O. The XB series includes: the Scalance XB005 – 5 RJ45 Copper Ports; Scalance XB008 – 8 RJ45 Copper Ports; Scalance XB004-1 – 4 RJ45 Copper Ports and 1 fiber optic port (multi-mode); and Scalance XB004-1LD – 4 RJ45 Copper Ports and 1 fiber optic port (single mode).

Siemens Energy & Automation

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