Hilscher Releases Additional Conversions for Universal Gateway

Aw 2583 Hilscher350

Earlier this year, Hilscher released netTAP100 Universal Gateway. Now, the company announces it has added more than 70 additional conversions between real-time Ethernet systems, traditional fieldbuses and serial protocols. netTAP is a universal gateway with Master or Slave support for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, PROFINET, CANopen, PowerLINK, SERCOS III, MB-TCP, Modbus RTSU/ASCII, AS-I Master and CC-Link slave, along with custom serial protocols. In addition, the company now offers netSCRIPT, a scripting tool that can be used to create a gateway for custom serial protocols to more that 60 different industry standard protocols support by netTAP. Based on the programming language Lua, netSCRIPT is included as a DTM along with an FDT configuration tool, SYCON.net. The scripting tool also includes a diagnostic tool, a program editor, variable manager, syntax check and an online debugger delivering a complete engineering environment.

Hilscher North America, Inc.

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