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Omron Releases CX-One Software v3.2

The CX-One comprehensive software package from Omron Electronics LLC integrates PLC programming software with support software for setting up networks, operator interface HMIs, servo systems, inverters, and temperature controllers.

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Users never enter the same information twice and they can manage entire projects from sequencing and motion control programs to configuration of field network devices without leaving the operating environment.  One installation and license number for all software that includes free updates and free function block and device libraries eliminate time-consuming license registration and software maintenance programs.   

Version 3.2 expands the communications networks supported by adding EtherNet/IP, CompoNet and PROFINET. Recently introduced Omron automation products now supported by CX-One include the CJ2H-CPU programmable automation controller, NS15 ultra-crisp 15-inch HMI, and PLC-based high-speed position controller modules for CJ and CS platforms. Industry standard, tag-based programming using CJ2H-CPU via Ethernet/IP helps shorten program development time and troubleshooting. CX-One helps meet the market demand for fast additions and changes in production models, volumes and line compositions after the equipment is in operation, and supports traceability and other global requirements for quality, safety and environmental needs.

Advances in CX-One V3 enable programmers to use IEC61131-3 programming languages, including Sequential Function Chart and Structured Text. Separate language modules are not required.

The simulation application eliminates the need to have PLC and HMI hardware connected to develop and debug programs, and it integrates the operations of devices for accurate error simulation without having to test each separately. Integrated simulation can be started from either CX-Programmer or CX-Designer to clearly simulate the interaction between HMI and PLC programs. System errors are easily checked and debugged directly from CX-One, reducing downtime during the “off-line” test phase. Operations can be saved in CSV files when errors occur to simplify test report generation.

In deploying networks, CX-One uses just one connection to reduce network design time. The process of setting up routing tables has been greatly simplified as they can now be set and transferred by routing them from one location to all the PLCs on a network of the same layer. With just an Ethernet connection it is now possible to download the routing tables to all the PLCs connected to the network. This greatly reduces the complexity of the configuration and allows automation systems to be programmed or configured with minimal training.

Data can be backed up, compared and restored for all PLC units or specific PLC units at the target PLC. This provides powerful support for data management for the entire PLC system. Downtime in emergencies is also minimized.  Easier and safer Support Software connections to PLCs are possible using PLC name verification to prevent incorrect connections.  Tags can be used with CJ2 CPU units to access data through EtherNet/IP using an NS-series HMI. Design modifications are easier because address changes at the PLC normally can be made without affecting the rest of the system.

CX-One V3 supports Windows Vista, the latest Microsoft operating system, enabling it to be used on the very latest computers. Machinery can be developed for use worldwide with CX-One. The CX-Designer HMI application supports 42 languages, including Asian languages.

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