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Code Reader Boost Speed, Precision

MV440 can read up to 50 codes in a single frame.

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Keeping track of parts and products is a critical requirement in most high efficiency manufacturing lines. The SIMATIC MV440 identifies codes under the harsh conditions of many manufacturing plants, providing reliability even at high production line rates.

The stationary 1D/2D code reading system from Siemens is designed for reading Data Matrix Codes, e.g. DPM (Direct Part Marking). It can be used in applications as diverse as automobiles, packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and electronics. It can monitor part movement even when conditions are less than optimal.

“It’s very good at reading codes that are up to 30% illegible, and it can read codes printed, laser etched, or dot peen directly on metal," says Ed Housler, discrete automation business manager for factory sensors. With a high degree of protection classification, IP67, it can sustain high read rates with high reliability in many industrial environments.

With integrated lighting, the MV440 has a working distance of up to 80 cm. That can be extended to 300 cm with external lighting. The reader also provides versatility, handling many different types of jobs.

“It can read up to 50 codes, compared to two or three for most readers," Housler says. That’s especially helpful in applications like pharmaceuticals, where several bottles in a case can all have independent bar codes. The MV440 can read up to 50 codes that are in the same frame.

The unit also has a number of interfaces including PROFIBUS, PROFINET, TCP/IP, and RS-232. That connectivity makes setup and maintenance much simpler. “The configuration software is integrated in the camera, so you can set the system up or troubleshoot it with any PC or laptop that has an Ethernet port and web browser," Housler says.

The line leverages technology used in two preceding product lines from Siemens, the VS 130-2 and the Hawkeye 1500. That provides proven durability along with a broad range of features.

Click here for more information on the SIMATIC MV440 Code Reading System.

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