Free Add-On Instructions for Allen-Bradley(R) RS-Logix(TM) 5000

WAGO Corporation is offering “free” Add-On instructions for Allen-Bradley® RS-Logix™ 5000 allowing Allen-Bradley PLC users to easily implement control logic that supports the functionality of WAGO-IO-SYSTEM distributed I/O modules. WAGO’s Add-On Instructions allow customers to readily adapt standard analog, digital, and specialty module I/O functions into ControlLogix®, CompactLogix® and DriveLogix® controllers.

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WAGO’s Add-On Instructions make it easy to bring the modularity and flexibility of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM to projects requiring compact, granular, DIN-rail mount I/O using DeviceNet™ and EtherNet I/P™, while providing additional specialty functions including: motor control (DC and stepper), serial communications, vibration monitoring, HART Device monitoring, 3-phase power measurement, AS-Interface Gateway and DALI Lighting Control.

Integration of WAGO Add-On Instructions into RS-Logix™ 5000 software (version 16 and up) is straightforward — use the import feature, select the proper file and insert it into existing PLC code (both relay logic and structured text programming languages are supported). The fully documented function will appear as a native component of RS LogixTM 5000 software, ready for configuration required by the application.

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