Cellular Monitoring Provides Savings

The R.A.M. (Remote Access and Monitoring) is an industrial-grade, real-time cellular remote monitoring and control solution that allows data logging and SCADA operations to be monitored and controlled from remote locations anywhere in the world via existing secure cellular networks.

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By leveraging existing secure cellular networks and competitive carrier data rate plans, R.A.M. can save customers up to 80% of the cost of a truck roll to a remote site—or 60% of the cost of a traditional phone landline—required to access the data at the remote site, says the vendor. Its Open Source Linux Operating System makes it simple for the user to customize the software and integrate applications. The unit includes application tools for alarming, data logging and programmable control. The R.A.M. solution has up to 26 I/O points, 5 Ethernet, 2 RS232 and 1 RS485 ports. Optional 2G and 3G cellular technologies are available (EDGE, HSPA and EVDO) on a variety of carriers.


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