New OPC UA Development Kits for C++ and .NET

The new OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Toolbox V5.00, designed to assist software engineers to elegantly implement effective OPC Clients/Servers or to embed OPC UA technology directly into target devices, will be available starting in October 2009.

Aw 2733 Softing

With OPC UA independence from the Windows Operating System, the new development kit has two new flavors: C++ and .NET. The .NET kit guarantees the rapid development of conformant OPC UA client or server products that integrate with the standard Windows development tools like Visual Studio.  The C++ kit is designed to implement dedicated, OPC products or for embedding OPC UA technology into a targeted device.

During field-testing, the development kits achieved outstanding performance levels demanded by the company’s quality standards, the company affirms. One feature of the new toolkits includes a built-in upgrade path for OPC products that are based on Softing’s OPC Toolbox V4.2x. Other benefits are OPC compliance, reduced time-to-market costs and maintenance, and improved data throughput and development services.

Softing North America, Inc.


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