OPC Datalogger Software Adds Writebacks

The latest version of the OPC DataLogger software provides users with the availability to do writebacks to the target OPC Server when a data sample has been logged to a target database, when a database connection is made or if a database connection has been lost.

Aw 2734 Soft Toolbox

With the ability to interconnect data logging with code in a PLC or RTU, this function insures no data is overwritten in the source until it is confirmed in a target database. OPC DataLogger, an OPC Foundation Independent Test Lab Certified for Interoperability Product, logs data from OPC DA Data Sources to text or csv files, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access and ODBC databases.

The company affirms users and integrators can adhere to tight budgets by utilizing the flexible scheduled triggers feature released earlier this year, the no-tag limit licenses under $1,000 and the wide range of OPC Servers. Other features include native connections to SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle databases, and the software may configured for contiguous logging and event/process condition-based logging.


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