EZDurapanel(TM) HMI

EZAutomation is pleased to present EZDurapanel(TM) our newest Touch Panel series from EZAutomation.

Aw 2829 0907 E Zauto
EZDurapanelTM is the first white LED backlit HMI to hit the market and provides the benefit of having a 100,000 hour bulb life that can last up to 4 times longer, allowing us to offer a 4 year warranty*!  EZDurapanelTM uses white LED technology in replacement of the current CCFL bulbs therefore requiring less voltage and making the EZDurapanelTM the “Green” option as well.  With a 10.4” at only $999 and all the advanced features from of the EZSeries panels this makes the EZDurpanelTM a very attractive package in deed.   

For more information, call an EZAutomation  Application Engineer and they can show you how to STRETCH your budget in 2009.  Request your FREE Catalog, call 877-774-3279 or visit www.ezautomation.net
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