Omron uses Softing stack to develop PROFINET devices

Softing announces that Omron has decided to use the company’s PROFINET stack to enhance Omron’s product portfolio with Industrial Ethernet capabilities.

Aw 2904 0906 Profinet Omron
Omron is now offering a new line of PROFINET devices for its product portfolio, including PROFINET controllers. Omron conducted research with a network of customers and technology partners to help understand all the usability and technological aspects around this industrial protocol. From this research,  Omron made the decision to offer a new range of Industrial Ethernet products. Omron customers, using the new technology,  point to the redundancy feature implemented for I/O controllers and the integrated switch functionality with Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) ring redundancy. Other highlights include the GRT1 I/O SmartSlice system, which offers an integrated Ethernet switch to support MRP ring redundancy. Products are already in place for applications such as marine, tunnel and conveyor-belt systems. Omron chose Softing as its major technology partner based on the long history of successful cooperation’s between the two companies.

Omron Electronics LLC
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