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Hybrid Temperature Controller with embedded PLC Ladder Logic Control

Yokogawa Corporation of America is proud to announce a new addition to their temperature controller product line, the UTAdvanced™ Hybrid Controller.

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The UTAdvanced Hybrid Controller takes the superior PID control that Yokogawa is known for and combines it with a new, standard, no cost, embedded ladder sequence control.  The new feature supports 84 ladder commands, 24 DIO points, four analog inputs,   three analog outputs and allows up to 400 ladder steps that can be programmed and run together with the PID control. The PLC capability allows engineers who are using a temperature controller along with a mini/micro PLC in an application to obtain the same control functionality in one package at the cost of just the temperature controller.

The UTAdvanced has also been given a new design that includes a high-intensity LCD display and a simple user interface. Additional features include full text scrolling configuration prompts, three configuration levels, user-defined function keys, user settable default values for OEMs, and multiple language support for English, Spanish, German and French. This controller provides a NEMA 4 / IP56 front panel as well as a USB-powered configuration tool with software, fuzzy logic, universal inputs / outputs and a three-year warranty.

The communication platforms will initially include Ethernet, Profibus- DP and RS485. These platforms support Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU, peer-to-peer, master/slave, and a proprietary Yokogawa protocol. When using the peer-to-peer protocol, the entire controller network can be accessed and operational decisions can be made by the ladder program based on process conditions anywhere in the controller network.  

The UTAdvanced Hybrid Controller will replace the existing Yokogawa Green Series product line.  The controller offers many features and improvements in functionality including improved measurement, display, operation, control and networking functions that enhance user efficiency and reduces the total costs of a system. The UTAdvanced will provide exceptional control for applications in various markets including semiconductor, automotive, heat treating, packaging, food, chemical, water/wastewater, air-conditioning, etc.

For more information about the UTAdvanced, log on to

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