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Compact, Affordable Industrial Ethernet Switch Saves Time, Space, and Costs

Panel builders and control engineers have a new tool in their arsenal of Ethernet switches with the Siemens Scalance XB Switch.

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The Scalance XB, which is an extension of the Scalance X family of switches from Siemens Energy & Automation, is an unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch that can be used in a line or star topology.

Key features of the new Scalance XB switch are its compact size and affordable price point, making it ideal for space-saving installations where low-cost port expansion is required. The switches offer plug-and-play connections and are available with up to eight 10/100 Mbit/s ports.

The new line of switches is constructed with a durable plastic housing that is easily mounted on standard rails. The switch packaging provides an IP20 degree of protection in a small, compact design. Diagnostics available on the switch include power, link status and traffic data, and are indicated by LEDs.

Fast replacement, easy configuration

A hallmark of the Siemens Scalance X family of switches is fast replacement, which reduces downtime costs. As well, the switches offer easy configuration and fast commissioning, with built-in web management tools that help reduce cost of ownership. Included are complete diagnostics via LED and PROFINET I/O and standard redundant point-to-point connections and power supply.

Other products in the Scalance X family are the:

•    Scalance X100 Unmanaged Switch, a compact design with electrical and optical ports with redundant power supply connection and remote diagnostics.
•    Scalance X200 Compact Managed Switch, which offers SNMP diagnostics, operates without an enclosure, and may be mounted externally on a machine.
•    Scalance X300 Compact Managed Gigabit Switch, to migrate Fast Ethernet to Gigabit standards, providing the ability to integrate plant floor networks with enterprise networks via high-speed backbone.
•    Scalance X400 Multi-port Gigabit Managed Switch, which delivers the attractive office features of VLAN, spanning tree and web based management, Layer 3 switching (IP routing), SNMP diagnostics, and IGMP snooping. The switch is easily integrated into enterprise and plant networks and is scalable up to 26 ports per switch. A redundant ring manager function enables extremely high speed Ethernet and gigabit rings with fast redundancy (
 For more information on Scalance XB products, please click here.
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Discover solutions from 2,000+ exhibitors to advance your operations and network with colleagues at PACK EXPO International, Oct 23-26.
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