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Modular Safety System Combines Best of Safety Relays and PLCs

The new SIRIUS 3RK3 modular safety system (MSS) from Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. is the ideal solution for applications that require the simplicity of safety relays and the added functionality of a fail-safe programmable logic controller (PLC).

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It is recommended for use where more than three safety functions have to be evaluated and where parameterizing the wiring of safety relays would be very time-consuming and expensive.

Modular components allow operators to quickly and easily replace devices as necessary and expand the system as the application requires. While the modular structure provides high flexibility, it also saves space in the control cabinet to reduce footprint costs. These features make the MSS suited for use by OEMs, electrical distributors and panel builders, as well as in conveyor, packaging, filling, and process logistics applications.

Mighty modules

The SIRIUS MSS 3RK3 Basic consists of:
•    Central module
•    Expansion modules
•    DP interface module
•    Parameterization software

The core of each MSS is the central module. The central module is designed with eight safety-related inputs, one safety-related relay output, and one safety-related solid-state output. Users can connect up to seven expansion modules to the central unit for specific application requirements. A variety of expansion modules are available and may be combined as needed, including safety-oriented input modules, mixed modules with safe inputs and relay or electronic outputs, and standard output modules.

A non-safety related Profibus DP interface module can be used for communication with higher-level controllers via Profibus for enhanced diagnostics and device state data. The enhanced data exchange improves plant diagnostics, availability and uptime.

Another key component of the SIRIUS MSS is its software. The system is quickly and easily parameterized with Modular Safety System ES (MSS ES) software that eliminates time consuming wiring. All functions, including safety and standard logic functions, are available as easily connected blocks. The software also provides extensive on-site diagnostics.

The MSS can be used in a wide range of industries worldwide for many different applications up to Category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1, Performance Level e in accordance with EN 13849-1 and up to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508/62061. It is a comprehensive stand-alone machine safety solution with a high level of diagnostics, a space- and cost-saving design, and extremely flexible application.

For more information about the SIRIUS 3RK3 modular safety system, please click here.

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