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SmartGuard 600 on EtherNet/IP

The Rockwell Automation SmartGuard 600 safety controller is a programmable controller designed for safety applications requiring complex logic, allowing for more advanced safety functionality.

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SmartGuard 600 communicates directly on EtherNet/IP, eliminating the need to use a standard PLC as “data concentrator.”
Using EtherNet/IP, access to data from the safety system does not require the use of another network.  Data can be accessed remotely, and the SmartGuard 600 can be configured and programmed from EtherNet. Alternatively, it can be configured and programmed through a DeviceNet connection that supports both standard and CIP Safety communications. Using DeviceNet, configuration and programming can be accomplished through the built-in USB port.
The SmartGuard 600 features 16 safety-rated inputs and eight safety-rated outputs. Since the SmartGuard 600 safety controller is a safety master on the DeviceNet network, it can be used in conjunction with Rockwell Automation Guard I/O modules to expand the number of safety devices the SmartGuard 600 controller can regulate. It can also perform safety interlocking between GuardLogix, GuardPLC, or other SmartGuard 600 controllers. Because CIP Safety is an extension of DeviceNet, other devices, such as standard PLCs and HMIs, can read data out of the SmartGuard 600 controller for system-level diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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