Wireless Keyboard Eliminates Protrusion

The vendor’s DW-860 rugged wireless keyboard has been redesigned into a sleeker, more compact case with no protruding battery pack.

Aw 3029 0904 W Ikey

The improved DW-860 case has a built-in battery compartment with a sealed cap for accessing its three AA batteries, eliminating the need for the older model’s external battery pack protruding from the main footprint of the assembly. This sealed enclosure allows it to receive higher industrial ratings in submersible tests. The DW-860 integrates HulaPoint II, a joystick-like pointing device, eliminating the need for an external mouse. For added convenience and mobility, it includes WirelessUSB technology, a 30-foot RF range and no line-of-site limitations to ensure dynamic applications, including secure communication with a PC inside a metal enclosure. The NEMA 4X-rated keyboard measures measures 11.393x6.317x1.588-in.

iKey Inc.

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