Streamlined Wireless Network Deployment

Wireless and predictive maintenance enhancements have been added to the vendor’s AMS Suite asset management software.

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AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager 10.0 features support for WirelessHart devices and networks, alert monitoring capabilities and advanced diagnostics through Snap-On applications. The software delivers a rich set of tools to help users deploy the vendor’s Smart Wireless technology and access predictive diagnostics from all areas of the plant. Users have a common interface to manage all their devices, both wired and wireless. Wireless device configuration is streamlined, and drag-and-drop functionality automates commissioning for efficiency and security. With the Snap-On application, users can plan, customize, visualize and manage Smart Wireless networks. Once the wireless network is installed, the application also provides a comprehensive view of the network’s status, enabling users to maximize reliability of the wireless network.

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