Hands-Free Wireless Scanner

The Bluetooth Cordless Ring Scanner (CRS) Series 9 is a hands-free solution equipped with a small bar code scanner designed to sit on the user’s finger, with the battery and transmitter worn on the wrist.

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The scanner features a rugged LiquidMetal design that is sealed to IP54 standards and can withstand multiple drops to concrete from 4 feet. The ring scanner is worn on a finger and is connected to a Bluetooth module by a removable coiled cable that is worn on the wrist or arm. The Bluetooth module pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled handheld, wearable, fixed station or vehicle-mount computer and is designed to reliably transmit critical bar code data from up to 330 feet. The scanner is enhanced with Socket ActivePairing, a function that allows users to automatically pair the unit with any compatible Bluetooth-enabled computer or handheld device. Pricing starts at $1,099.

Socket Mobile Inc.

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