Source: Automation World

Robotic High-Force Torque Driving

A look at the Universal Robots-Estic high-torque screwdriving platform.

ABB AMR with Visual SLAM

The new T702 from ABB is a tug-style autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that uses Visual SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) navigation to create a 360-degree point cloud ...

Bosch Rexroth's Smart Function Kit

At Automate 2024, we caught up with Richard Vaughn, automation engineering manager at Bosch Rexroth to learn about Bosch Rexroth’s Smart Function Kit for Handling. These...

DigiKey Partners Show Top Automation Products

With more than 15 million products in its inventory, DigiKey has a level of insight into automation technology use few other companies have. This video highlights a few DigiKey...
Source: Automation World

Micropsi Industries’ MIRAI 2 AI for Robots

A key aspect of the MIRAI 2 technology that sets it apart from traditional robot vision systems is its ability to operate without relying on CAD data. Instead, it uses data captured...

Vention at Automate 2024

A look at how Vention seeks to ease the process of automation for small and mid-sized manufacturers,

Teradyne Robotics and Nvidia at Automate 2024

The companies are working to enable robots to operate more precisely in unstructured and changing environments.

Automate 2024 Highlights

When I started covering automation and robotics in the early 1990s, I heard from a few experienced editors in the field that, unfortunately, I had missed the heyday of robotics...

KUKA KMP 1500 Autonomous Mobile Robot

In this video, Tyler Britcher of KUKA Robotics explains the company’s exhibit at Modex 2024 which highlighted the KMP 1500. Read more about the KMP 1500.

Omron and Roeq Expand AMR and Top Module Collaboration

The partnership between Omron and Roeq enables greater focus on intralogistics projects for faster execution.

Schneider Electric Adds Cobots

At Modex 2024, the company showcased this new cobot line with demonstrations of its Lexium RL 3 and RL 18 models as well as information about the forthcoming RL 5 and RL 7 models...

Airskin Demonstrates Application on KUKA Robot at Modex 2024

KUKA showcased how its industrial robots, such as the Agilus, Quantec and Cybertech, can be outfitted with Airskin’s safety skin to allow the robots to operate collaboratively...

Remote Control and Monitoring of Robots

Olis Robotics is working with Kawasaki Robotics Inc., to enable users of Kawasaki robots to reduce troubleshooting and downtime costs by up to 90%,

A Preview of Beckhoff's MX-System

The MX-System is an intelligent automation hardware system designed to replace conventional control cabinets.