Communication Controller Adds EtherNet/IP

Module Evaluation Kits are shipping for the vendor’s fido1100 Communication Controller with a complete EtherNet/IP solution.

Aw 3040 0904 Innov
The kit contains a Dual Real-Time Ethernet (DRTE) module, baseboard, software, reference design, and all the cables required to evaluate the EtherNet/IP solution right out of the box. After simple, basic set-up, the module is ready to communicate on the network and with a host processor. The DRTE module contains a dual RJ45 connector with magnetics, 2 Ethernet PHYs, 2-port Ethernet Switch, fido1100 Communication Controller, RAM and ROM. For evaluation, the module plugs into the baseboard and communicates with a PC via USB. The PC hosts all the development software and tools to evaluate the DRTE module on an EtherNet/IP network.

Innovasic Semiconductor Inc.

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